Environmental Policy


All organisations have an impact on the environment. TechnoBytes acknowledges that the services it provides may have a direct impact upon the environment and has reviewed its environmental effects and introduced programmes for improvement. Where resources allow, the environmental impact of all new activities, products and processes will be similarly evaluated.

Improving Environmental Performance

The following interactions with the environment have been identified by TechnoBytes for attention:

  • The amount of packaging materials received by the company
  • Electrical equipment received by the company from the public and businesses
  • The disposal of used batteries
  • The use of land, water, fuels and energy in running our business

Overall Environmental Aims

  1. Sustainable economic development

    To develop the company in such a way as to meet the needs of the present generation to achieve their needs and aspirations without compromising the ability of future generations.

  2. Energy

    To minimise the company’s contribution to global warming and other environmental effects of energy use, by reducing the consumption of energy throughout all sectors of the company and by increasing energy conservation and energy efficiency.

  3. Waste and recycling

    Minimising the amount of waste for eventual disposal through a progressive approach:

    • reducing the production of waste
    • reusing materials where possible including packaging materials and electrical items
    • recycling everything possible
  4. Transport

    To reduce the environmental impact of our vehicles by reducing travel wherever possible, by the use of electronic and telephone communications.

  5. Raising awareness

    To raise the level of awareness, amongst all sectors of the community, of the need for action on the environment so as to enable the individual to make decisions regarding the environmental impact of their lifestyles. We will endeavour to inform all customers of the WEEE directive, and encourage them to dispose of their electrical equipment in an environmentally friendly manner – including making use of our over-the-counter recycling scheme.