Please see below our prices for typical computer services we carry out:

Service Price(£)
General Fault Find* 15.00
Format Hard Drive & Driver/Software reinstall** 35.00
Corrupted data recovery for PC*** 25.00
Corrupted data recovery for Laptop etc*** 30.00
Client software installation¤ 10.00
Virus scan and removal, inc free AVG Internet Security if required 30.00
Hardware upgrade P.O.A
Computer or printer ‘spring clean’ & MOT 50.00


* Additional costs may be incurred dependent upon findings.

** Software re-install will be dependent upon operating system and client’s software availability.

*** TechnoBytes can not 100% guarantee that all lost data will or can be recovered, specialist services maybe required, dependent upon data importance, and hence additional costs may therefore be incurred.

¤ This is dependent upon client’s software being of sound quality/readability.